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We are able to finish the following substrates:

Up to 3 metre lengths

  Up to 3 metre lengths

Up to 1 metre lengths

Up to 1 metre lengths

Up to 3 metre lengths

Stainless Steel 
Although technically challenging, Electroplating stainless steel is possible.
Please contact us for more information.

Types of finish

The following are some of our more well known finishes. They can be applied to any of the base materials listed above. If you don't see the finish you are interested in listed here, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Bright Nickel             
Bright Nickel is a highly decorative finish with a slight yellow tint. It is used for bath fittings and light fittings and is first applied to items prior to chrome plating. (see below) Many pre 1940's cars were finished in nickel rather than chrome.

Semi Bright Nickel     
As it's name suggests this finish is not as reflective as bright nickel. The bright work on many classic vehicles was orginally finished in semi bright nickel. It was then polished to achieve the reflectivity desired and on later cars followed up with chrome to prevent tarnishing. Semi bright nickel (also known as dull nickel) has better corrosion resistance properties than a standard bright nickel.

Matt Nickel                  
At the other end of the spectrum matt nickel gives little or no reflectivity. Sometimes knows as ''pearl nickel'' it is a very attractive finish with many
applications including shopfittings, bathrooms, kitchens and lighting.

Chrome is applied to a base coat of nickel to prevent the nickel from tarnishing. It is sometimes decsribed as having a more ''silver'' look than nickel

Satin Nickel/
Satin Chrome                

By manually aplying a line to the nickel it is possible to achive a satin or
''brushed'' effect. This can then be followed with chrome if preferred.

Black Chrome           
Black chrome has been described as giving a similar effect to the finish on
a black snooker ball. It's uses include motor bike parts, engine components
and when applied to matt nickel gives a completely non reflective finish
suitable for machinery used in the film/photographic industry.

Bronze/Antique Finishes                           

We at Colonnade pride ourselves on being one of the most well know bronze
finishers in the UK. The list of different bronze effects that can be achived is
long and varied so please contact us to discuss your requirements. 

A very attractive finish used mainly for bathroom and bar/restaurant fittings.
Rather than applying a lacquer to prevent tarnishing, the gold solution is infused with nickel to achieve a hard deposit able to withstand regular cleaning. 

Please contact us if you require any more information on the finish we offer.                      


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